6 Tips to Reduce your Stress by Dr. Lavina Gupta

When it comes to ways on how to reduce stress, there are many medical facilities that will help you get over your stress issues but, unfortunately, you have to pay quite some amount. 

The other way to go about this is to take the natural route which doesn’t include any synthetic medication by Dr. Lavina Gupta, Stress Free class for everyone to make their life stress free.

Here are some tips by Dr. Lavina Gupta to reduce your stress at work and natural way.

1. Meditation

Meditation has been shown by psychologists to make a person more resilient towards stress. By practicing a few minutes of meditation every other day, you effectively make your brain go at ease and thereby relieving it much of the stress that it could be suffering from. There are several ways that you can meditate and still reach that much-loved state. While meditating, you should incorporate some mantra such as which will help in the reinventing your inner power. You should try to do this in a quiet place where there are no distractions. You can also Join Every Saturday Free Meditation Classes by Dr. Lavina Gupta.

2. Take a break from your fast schedule

One of the simplest stress reduction techniques is to take a break from your fast life and just have five minutes to yourself. Many times you will eat the food without even noticing that it is tasty or walk without even realizing the beautiful breeze on your face or the sunshine streaming from above. By taking a step back from what you are doing and relishing the natural beauty of everything about you, you will be able to not only savor the moment but also make your mind be at peace. 

3.Healthy Diet

Try to maintain a healthy diet otherwise it may have a strong negative impact. Whenever you are in a stress, you commonly become inclined to wrong type of food habits. Usually you become more addicted to coffee, chocolates and sweets. Over eating, eating at wrong hours, coupled with excess smoking and drinking overpower you. This unhealthy diet makes you physically ailing and mentally also it makes you more tensed.

4.Quite way to to get rid of Stress :Count backward

If your mind is running too fast and giving you unreasonable tension, just give your mind a check by counting backward. Start from ten or fifty, as you want it to be and do the countdown. Your brain will be too busy to remember the number that comes before 16 or 49 that it will stop worrying eventually.

5.Take Chamomile tea

If you are wondering on how to reduce stress and you have chamomile tea in your house, wonder no more. Chamomile tea is used to relieve stress you deal with a host of other problems such as pain relief. Chamomile tea has been studied and proved to contain important compounds such as valium which work at making the brain receptors ideal for stress relieving.

6.Be always Happy

“ Laugh every time you can”

Many times people have a hard time remembering when it was that they laughed out loud. In many cases, when you can’t remember the last time you laughed out loud, you are stressed. Having a good belly laugh makes the body produce important hormones such as cortisol, which are ideal at lowering your stress levels. Learn how to reduce stress by laughing out every time you hear a joke. Laughing is attributed with raising endorphins levels in the body. A simple way to achieve this ‘laughing trait’ is by meeting new friends, tuning to your favorite sitcoms, reading and watching comedies.

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