Buddha’s Teachings on Forgiveness

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Being a simple human being without any spiritual power it is really difficult to forgive someone if they have done wrong with us without feeling any hatred for them. Forgiving the other person would not erase the other person’s karma but it will help us to lead life peacefully without having any grudge or conflict with someone. Buddha taught people to forgive so that it can help that person from getting into a karmic situation once again in his life.

In the Buddha teachings, it has been precisely mentioned that if someone takes you for granted and hurt you physically or mentally then don’t be in thought to hurt them back but forgive that person for the wrong deeds that he has done to you so that you are in a better mental and physical state. Even if you get a chance to hurt that person and the society and the nearby people also tell you to hurt that person even then don’t do that because it will indulge you into some karmic situation which will be difficult for you to deal and accept.

While forgiving others you are creating a space for yourself and promising yourself to let go of any situation in your life that would hurt you to a greater extent. There are mainly three methods that have been stated in Buddhist teachings to forgive other people.

Skilful Death

Each and every human being born on this earth are In the process of dying therefore if one will not forgive the other person it will create a barrier for the skilful death of a human being. It is a normal perception of a human being that if the other person has hurt me then I should also hit them back which is absolutely wrong. When the death approaches and if the person would have such thought process then that person will take another birth and would have to face the karmic situations in the next life which would be extremely difficult to deal with. So, it’s better to stay away from such things and utilize your time into something fruitful so that your life will be turned out in a better manner.

Infinite Goodwill

Having a positive mindset will help you in attaining higher spiritual power. Having the thoughts of infinite goodwill will help in reaching your mind to the Brahma level. Reaching to that higher level, it will help you in leading a life with more consciousness and find satisfaction in your life. Always get confused with your thoughts will make you more irritated and conflicted therefore try to have positive thinking in your life so that you can have a balanced life with proper mental health.

Five Precepts 

Five precepts have to follow constantly in your life which are no throbbing, no murder, no intake of intoxicants, no lying, no illegal sex. In the entire life if you are consistent with these rules then it will be easy for you to handle any of the hurdles of your life peacefully. By following these rules you are protecting yourself from the danger which is outside and allowing your subconscious and conscious mind to lead a healthy and happy life.

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