Kundalini Reiki: A healing for peace

We all face stress in our lives which directly or indirectly has effects on the mental health of ours. Now, here comes Kundalini Reiki is a simple and effective spiritual healing a much stronger version of the traditional “Usui Reiki”. This is different because it utilizes the “kundalini” ( energy of the earth) with the energy of Reiki. A person can receive all the three kundalini reiki attunements and become a master in it. There are many different types of healing energies that are supportive and you can receive them, traditional Reiki is just one of the most famous ones. Every healing therapy has its own set of qualities. Kundalini Reiki is an empowering form of Reiki and is best used for personal success, healing issues and so on. The typical kundalini reiki session is short as the energy coming from the earth strengthens the reiki energy coming from the heavens or universe.

Benefits of the Kundalini Reiki:

When a person has an activated kundalini flame, they are spiritually advanced which means they don’t need the symbols to affect people. This is where the people connect wealth and spiritual power with the kundalini masters.  They manifest an ability to affect the “matrix” with thoughts only. Some other benefits that the kundalini masters experience are:-

  • Improved health
  • Good spiritual development
  • A better vision towards life
  • Increased energy
  • The clean and healthy energy body
  • Better protection
  • Improved feeling of oneness
  • Personal spiritual development improved
  • Personal power increased
  • To become a high frequency
  • Increased strength and resilience emf

We have got an additional bonus too with the above mentioned and that is after the kundalini flame is ignited, it raises up through the chakras hence cleaning them.

If you have mastered the art of Kundalini Reiki then you can carry out various clearings on yourself and others too. These clearings are as follows:

  • Diamond Reiki
  • Crystalline Reiki
  • DNA Reiki
  • The trauma of birth
  • Location Reiki
  • Past Life Reiki

The effectiveness completely depends on how spiritually progressed a practitioner is. If the practitioner has worked a lot on himself and is well versed with the energy healing then you can rest assured that your session will go well. Now to get the best kundalini Reiki session in Delhi you can consult- reiki adhan who offer different sessions. This is managed by Dr. Lavina Gupta founder of the “Soul Searcher Researcher Training & Healing Foundation”.

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Dr. Lavina is a spiritual healer and a lightworker. Since her childhood, she had spiritual inclination.

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