Learning The Art of Reiki!

The dominance of reiki in the modern Indian suburbs is a testament to its usability. For many years, patients with emotional, physical, and financial ailments have found comfort with reiki. Starting from family complications to professional hurdles, reiki has the solution to every complication faced in a man’s journey in life. The reiki courses in Delhi are strategically designed to provide an extensive understanding of the elements ranging from basic to advance.

Reiki opens doors for not only the patients being healed but also for the healer. The people who have substantial knowledge about the subject can heal their own aura, along with those of the others. Dr. Lavina Gupta is one of the best reiki teachers in Delhi who is blessed with the subject knowledge and the power of experience. Her repertoire consists of various skills like tarot reading, reiki, Pranic Healing, Karuna Reiki, Violet Flame Healing, Angel Healing Therapy, Astrology, Past Life Regression, and many more. With this, you can be assured that nothing less than the best teaching process will be under your exposure when you enroll for Dr. Lavina’s reiki courses.

Commencing her journey since the sixth grade, the spiritual inquisitiveness was the major driving force that propagated Dr. Gupta towards spirituality. She completed her Diploma in Holistic Health and Fitness after which her never-ending course to healing began. During her education, the Governors of Delhi and Haryana recognized and awarded her excellence in academics. Later, she moved ahead in the field of alternative therapies that replace the side effects of medicines. She also completed the course of Reiki under the famous reiki grandmaster Mr. William Land Ree. Later, when she completed the course in Clinical Acupuncture, she started practicing her knowledge on the patients. The exceptional results of her healing quickly made her the patient’s favorite.

Dr. Gupta decided to spread the wings of her knowledge under the name of the Soul Searcher Research Training and Healing Foundation. She has helped hundreds of people in gaining professionalism in the field of reiki because she believes in spreading the good, as much as it is possible. With her years of experience in the field, Dr. Gupta has developed a robust strategy for efficiently healing her patients with the help of Reiki. She provides this knowledge to the students who come to learn reiki by her.

The different stages of reiki are as explained below.

  1. Level I: The first level serves as an introduction to the beginners in the course. It provides information about the history, foundation, and purpose of reiki. 
  2. Level II: On completing the first level, the second level improves your intuition level and prepares you for providing a professional level of healing. 
  3. Level III: The third level is divided into stages A and B where you learn about the different Tibetan symbols and the way to use them for efficient healing.
  4. Grandmaster Level: On completing the final level, you will be attuned to teach reiki to other people around you.

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Dr. Lavina is a spiritual healer and a lightworker. Since her childhood, she had spiritual inclination.

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