Motivational Short Stories Of Buddhism!

When Buddha was insulted by a Householder
Buddha was a monk and one day he goes to a householder begging. Instead of giving any alms, the householder scolds Buddha and put him to an insult; such an able-bodied person, a prince who did nothing great to the world is now begging. What a shame!
Unmoved Buddha requested to ask a question. Buddha asked, “If a parcel is sent to somebody and if the receiver does not receive it, to which the parcel belongs to? The man answered that it will go back to the sender. After a second of silence, Buddha said that he had not received anything from him and simply left.

Mustard Seed and Death
Once Gautama Buddha’s aunt came to him with her dead baby and asked him to revive the child. Buddha told her he would do so but that she needed to get him a vital ingredient for the resurrection: mustard seed from a house which had never seen a death. The woman ran door-to-door the whole day but didn’t find such a house. At dusk, she fell at the Buddha’s feet and said she understands. She isn’t the only one to have suffered the loss of a loved one. So, one should stop feeling victimized as everyone goes through pain and grief in the life.

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