If you want to heal yourself through Energy, reiki is the answer.There are many “reiki centre is delhi”.Reiki consist of two words REi means God’s power or wisdom and Ki means energy exists within the soul or life force energy. Reiki refers to Life’s energy guided by spiritual energy around us. This reiki treatment by Dr.Lavina Gupta helps everyone with the flow of good spiritual energy levels. It helps in treating the person’s emotionally and physically both. With the help of “reiki healing” one can feel relaxed , secured , freedom from disturbance and tranquillity. Inexplicable is the feeling after the “reiki sessions”.

Reiki referred as the most effective and successful method for curing Root Chakra but before that what is root chakra? Muladhara or root chakra is one amongst the seven chakras is exist in reiki healing process. Root Chakra is based in the spine of our body and forms our foundation. Element earth is represented by this and is related to human survival and instincts like food, shelter and protection. It helps in encourage the urge to take stand for oneself, value you and make salient decisions. It helps us to be grounded, connecting to the universal and physical world. If anyone arises with the feeling of fear, depression and anxiety, root chakra is the solution for this. This chakra brings the feeling of security in the life of the sufferer. When the person surrounded with the feeling of fear and apprehension then with the help of “reiki classes in delhi”,we have to make this root chakra much stronger for him. We have to balance his root chakra.

Below are the points which can be heel with the help of ROOT CHAKRA in our body:

I am fearless person.

I am very much grounded.

I am in love with myself.

I am worthy of respect and success by others.

I am financially secured person now.

I am grounded and fearless person.

I am in safe hands with the help of this universe.

I am a positive and emotionally strong person now.

And finally I love myself for being I am.

What the Root Chakra Teaches Us

The lesson which Muladhara or root chakra taught us to have a good life and strong will power to lead a happier life. As if you are not able to find the freedom internally you will end up carrying an emotional boundary within yourself and will not be able to make decision s for your career as well as personal relationships. Which resulted in falsify of all the things and decisions. It helps us to make our journey full of love and survival attitude for long lasting. It helps in healing all the blockages and limitations which we are carrying within our self.

Root Chakra Symbolizes:

It shows our potential to grow and be stable in our future life ahead. When we find balanced chakra, all gloomy and defeatist feeling will deduct from life.

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Dr. Lavina is a spiritual healer and a lightworker. Since her childhood, she had spiritual inclination.

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