The Hands That Introduce Positivity In Your Life

The word of every good thing in the market spreads like a wildfire. Be it from a person traveling in your bus or your next-door neighbor who gossips a lot, you might have definitely heard the word ‘Reiki’ and wondered about its potential. Just as the people say, it works like a magic to free you from the bonds of negativity chaining your life.  

Reiki comes from the Japanese words that combine to mean ‘the energy that heals universal lives.’ When a reiki practitioner places his palm on a problematic area of a person’s body, the flow of positive universal energy from his palm works miraculously to cure the ailment. Reiki has been used since ages in ancient Japanese and Indian temples, to help people achieve positivity in their lives.

It is mandatory to learn reiki healing from a certified expert. They are the ones qualified to impart the knowledge of this power to the masses. If you’re asking questions to your mind like, “Where to learn reiki?” The words in this article will help you chose the right mentor to guide you through the effective steps of reiki healing.

Having learned from the erudite grandmaster Mr. William Lee Rand, Dr. Lavina Gupta is on her course of spreading the positivity of reiki by conducting reiki healing classes. Imagine the dramatic level of subject knowledge she possesses, being a part of Mr. Rand’s lineage, who once said,

“Reiki isn’t based on the need to believe in it in order for it to work … To receive benefit, all that’s necessary is to be willing to receive a session”

The reiki healing techniques and symbols taught during the course are divided into separate levels beginning from Level I. The basic level commences to induce a seed of peace and positivity in your body. During the session, you start to understand the meaning of the word Reiki, and the power it contains. After the grandmaster (Dr. Gupta) transfers the power of universal energy in your body, you are blessed with the potential to heal others and yourself by channeling the universal energy.

Once you’ve completed the first level, it is advisable to wait for a few days to practice the healing powers of reiki. Heal your body by allowing the flow of positivity to clear the blockages in your body and life. Once you feel confident about your work, move forward to the second level.

Soon with the flow of nature’s energy through your palm, you will feel confident and strong. This is because the energy flowing through your body will have the power to treat the physical problems of a person in pain, and also clear the hindrances in the way of your family’s financial success. Within no time, the circle of your family’s life will be balanced, and the flow of positivity will ensure the unobstructed flow of happiness and satisfaction in the lives of people you love. 

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Dr. Lavina is a spiritual healer and a lightworker. Since her childhood, she had spiritual inclination.

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