The Miracle of Reiki And Insight of Tarot Reading

The spiritual art of attracting positivity, and clearing the blockages stopping an individual’s growth is beautifully named as Reiki. When you break the word to understand its meaning, it would give you a healing combination of universal life (rei) and energy (ki). This Japanese technique is used for reducing mental ailments like stress, depression, and anxiety while promoting positivity in a body.

Any reiki master in Delhi will tell you that the process of healing an individual through reiki is considered as an alternative to medicine. It uses the energy present in the universe and filters out the positivity from it. Further, this energy flows into the problematic areas of a person’s body. This positivity counterbalances the negativity and heals the problem within a few sessions. Although it cannot replace medicine, it acts as a strong power that eases the distress in a body.  Reiki is categorized under spiritual art. Many people consider it to be of religious grounds. Reiki is an immaterial universal energy that flows from a healer’s palm. It cannot be worshipped or idolized in material form. The knowledge of the art is passed on from a teacher to a student during a guided session.

In our day-to-day lives, we come across many hurdles in our way that ultimately shape our future in some way. The consequences of our past life and previous years accumulate over the years to create obstructions in our physical and materialistic growth.

There might be a promotion you have your eyes on, but someone else takes your credit. At such times of distress, a healer can remove the blockages in your aura which will ultimately allow the free flow of energy through your body. And when there is no obstruction in the flow of energy through your body, it will result in a mentally balanced state that will open the door to success.

The session where you learn reiki is peaceful and relaxing. You need to be vigilant while choosing a reiki master as only the right one can guide you perfectly. Once you’ve learned Reiki, you can use your powers to heal yourself and others around you.  Tarot reading is said to be a mirror that reflects the current situations and forecast the near future of a person’s life. Within the constant noise of the world’s pressure, our feelings and thoughts lie hidden somewhere secretly. Tarot helps to unveil those feelings and guide us to a better presence.

Dr. Lavina Gupta has been working as a reiki practitioner and tarot card reader in Delhi for many years and has healed many lives with her divine powers. She started her career brilliantly by being a valedictorian of her batch in diploma where she majored in Holistic Health and Fitness. Later during her education, she was awarded by the Governors of Delhi and Haryana.

You wouldn’t have to think twice because Dr. Gupta is acknowledged to be the best in her work by her peers.   

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Dr. Lavina is a spiritual healer and a lightworker. Since her childhood, she had spiritual inclination.

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