The Power Of Tarot Reading !

What is Tarot Reading?

Fortune telling has evolved as a common form of occult science where a practitioner predicts the future of a person visiting them. Many people confuse fortune-telling with divination. The major difference between those two forms lies in their principle belief. In divination, divine energy is called for guidance and assistance. This divine energy (in the form of deities) is invoked using religious practices whereas, in fortune-telling, the spirits are invoked in a semi-formal setting. These spirits guide the tarot card reader about the future of the person sitting in front of them. The reader provides the person with a set of cards and based on the cards they choose their future is predicted.     

Are the readings accurate?

Clairvoyance is the capability to gain insight into a place, person, or thing. People possessing this quality are blessed by birth with it. A clairvoyant uses his sixth sense to predict events happening in the future and the events that have already happened in the past. According to this information, they provide an unusual perception about the events in your life which can help you grow and succeed in life.

When a tarot reader is blessed with clairvoyance, his description and prediction about the events in your life are very accurate. Even without clairvoyance, many tarot readers have established a firm belief in the minds of their clients with their exceptional predictions. So, summarizing the information received from many healers and their clients, we can safely say that the tarot readings are extensively accurate.           

How can it improve your life?

Tarot reading provides a person with a spiritual perspective of their life. By guiding them towards their life purpose, a tarot reading can help an individual in the following ways.

  • It makes you dive deep into your individuality and tells you more about yourself.
  • It opens your eyes to the choices available in your way.
  • It clears your mind from negativity and tells you about your ideal future.
  • It helps you use your intuitions to gain an advantage over the important situations of your life.
  • It pushes you towards positivity and opens a new world of understanding and acceptance.

About Dr Lavina Gupta

Dr Lavina Gupta is a tarot card reader in Delhi who has established her dominance in the industry with her exceptional clairvoyance. She started her journey to spirituality at a very young age. Since then, with the purpose of spreading positivity and kindness, she founded Reikisadhna in Delhi to help people achieve their goals. Apart from providing individual services, Dr Gupta teaches an exhaustive course for a tarot reading.

The basic level of the course takes two days to conclude. During this stage, you will be introduced to the world of tarot reading and its phenomenal powers. In the Advance stage that takes place for 5 days, your knowledge about the subject will increase fourfold. In addition to these two courses, the Tarot reading Professional course imparts deeper knowledge about the subject to the reader.

Contact us using the information provided on this website to learn more and better about the courses.  

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Dr. Lavina is a spiritual healer and a lightworker. Since her childhood, she had spiritual inclination.

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