The Seven Medicine Buddhas!

The Seven Medicine Buddhas names in English are a powerful and lovely poetic expression in and of themselves.
• Bhaisajyaguru: Tathagatha Medicine Guru Lapis Lazuli King
• Abhiyaraja: Tathagatha King of Clear Knowing
• Dharmakirtisagara: Tathagatha Melodious Ocean of Dharma Proclaimed
• Asokottamasriraja: Tathagatha Supreme Glory Free From Sorrow
• Suvarnabhadradravimala: Tathagatha Stainless Excellent Gold
• Svaragosaraja: Tathagatha King of Melodious Sound
• Suparikirti-tanamasriraja: Tathagatha Glorious Renown of Excellent Signs
The eighth is Shakyamuni Buddha, the historical Buddha of our era—who taught us the Dharma. When chanting the praises, I prefer the poetic Enlish names to the Sankrit, just because of the beautiful descriptions. In a full practice session or a puja, each of the Buddhas would receive His own praise. As you visualize each of the Buddhas you prostrate and make envisioned offerings.

His Others Name:
There are several “Medicine Buddhas”—seven, plus Shakyamuni Himself as the eighth, each separately honoured and named, but where one Medicine Buddha is practiced as a solitary meditation, normally this is Bhaisajyaguru Vaiduryaprabharaja (भैषज्यगुरुवैडूर्यप्रभाराज)—the Medicine Guru of Lapis Lazuli Light. His pure land is in the east, and is called Vaiduryanirbhasa, or pure Lapis Lazuli Land.
Healing Practices:
Aside from visualizing and mantra recitation, a common healing practice is to chant 108 of Medicine Buddha’s mantras over a glass of water. The chanter, preferably one who has chanted the mantra in regular practice, then blows on the water and offers it to a sick person. The empowered water has healing powers. The patient can also be requested to speak the name of the Buddha 108 times, or chant the mantra, or read the sutras, or just to gaze upon a loving picture of the Medicine Buddha. Many miraculous cures have been attributed to the Medicine Buddha. From my own experience, when two Tylenol do not work, the mantra certainly does.
Tibetan doctors tend to begin each day with Medicine Buddha practice, and when making herbal medicines chant the Mantras while working to further empower their medicinal benefits.
Dr lavina Gupta is specialist in “reiki classes” and giving “classes on reiki” in delhi centres. She is also having major session for the whole day on 3rd may 2020 on “medicine budha”

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