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Tarot reading is a mystical and powerful practice that has been existed for thousands of years to reveal fortunes and sneak a quick look into a person’s life.

If you’ve ever been interested in learning more about the tarot teaching in Delhi and tarot itself, you’ve come to the right place.

We will look at the past of the tarot to help you understand how each of the cards is structured to better interpret your future.

Nobody knows for sure where or when the tarot was formed; some say it goes back all the way back to ancient Egypt. What we do know is that somewhere around the 18th century, tarot reading gained notoriety.  To this day, Tarot remained a common mystical activity

Meaning of the Tarot

Tarot means simply “Playing cards”.

A common question remained in the people’s mind “Do these cards speak the truth?” Yes, because they reflect basic universal experiences.

As with any other game, the tarot cards should be used responsibly. Cards are not good or bad themselves — this is how you use them to create a positive or negative influence in your life.

After all, the tarot is only a picture collection; it has no energy on its own.

It is the method and skill that read the person in depth, which is all needed for Discovery.

Want to see for yourself?

There are many different kinds of tarot– whole books on this topic have even been published.

The 3-card spread is one of the most popular and provides you with clear answers to questions about your relationships, career and overall life.

The cards can reflect a person’s past, current, and future. Look at the horoscope of your daily life after your 3-card spread and see what these two powerful cards can show!

Dr. Lavina Gupta brings the best of knowledge on the table in her online tarot classes in Delhi under the name of her centre – Soul Searcher Research Training & Healing Foundation.

The answers that you seek lie in the teaching of Dr. Gupta tarot classes teaching in Delhi.

What you’ll learn?

1.   You would be able to give correct tarot psychic readings as a skilled tarot reader

2.   You could be able to use the tarot to change your love life easily

3.   You could use the tarot to boost your business, career, and finances quickly

4.   Identify the spiritual values you need to learn to improve your life

5.   Understand how to use the tarot to overcome your life’s challenges

For quick answers or more detailed teachings up to 1 hour, visit the tarot online tarot classes in Delhi.

Use this Tarot classes to help you concentrate on what surrounds you during your day. Using tarot as an efficient tool could make you fully aware of your emotional and psychological condition. 


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Dr. Lavina is a spiritual healer and a lightworker. Since her childhood, she had spiritual inclination.

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