Angel Healing Therapy

“Angels” are winged creatures. Every person has two guardian angels to protect them. Angles are ever wiling to intervene in your life to give you comfort joy, peace, love, abundance .But they cannot enter your free will. Learn the art to call angles invite them in your life .They intervene god on your behalf and manifest your dreams into reality.
The concept of healing through faith and spirituality is common in many traditions. Contemporary expressions of angel therapy often draw on the varying ideas about angels that are part of the core beliefs of different religions. For example, some faiths see angels as guardians of human beings, with groups of angels assigned to the watch care of each person. Within this framework, the angel therapy would take the form of establishing contact with those angels to learn what must be done in order to correct the emotional, spiritual, or physical condition that currently plagues the individual.

Angel therapy may involve the use of a third party that will attempt to contact specific angels that are part of the belief system of a particular faith tradition. This is often the case when a specific angelic being is associated with a particular type of healing. Angel therapists will attempt to intervene on behalf of the patient and ask for assistance in bringing about healing, either through supernatural means or the prudent use of tangible items that are employed according to the angel’s instructions.

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