Tarot Divine Tool

Welcome to the world of divination. Our divine tool here is a pack of tarot cards.

Since I was a child I believed that our minds were so powerful that we could accomplish all that we truly desired, and as I grew older my belief became stronger with experience.

William Irwin Thompson suggests “That we do not live in reality but rather in our habitual perceptions and illusions. Thus, Tarot provides on opportunity to change our lives for the better by viewing our personal reality differently.

This is the reason why I like to say I am doing tarot counseling & not fortune telling. I feel if you have a tool for divination why not make the person aware of the direction he is going in, instead of telling him the out come of the direction. With the help of this tool we can put forward a number of other paths that are open to him for a brighter future.

I owned my first pack of tarot in 1997, which was just picked up for fun. But they stayed with me and since then there is no looking back. In my pursuit to be a good tarot reader I become a Reiki master a Magnified master / healer a Melchizedian and a Feng shui consultant.

I thank God for the numerous opportunities that he has bestowed upon me as a channel for healing. I also thank him for this opportunity. I am getting to share my knowledge with you, and I pray for guidance and strength to conduct these classes in the divine light.

My aim here would be to help you approach the tarot in order to:

a) Gain new insights on life issues or events.
b) Stimulate and enhance self exploration and understanding.

Do you need to be a psychic?

Certainly not but yes the more you work with the tarot you could develop your Psychic abilities. At the moment all you need to do a reading is understand the cards and be with them with all your being. Every reading will generate insight and personal development. One good habit is to maintain a Tarot Journal. The more you use the Tarot the more you grow. It works on everyone according to where we are, with respect to our individual need and insights.

I wish you all the best and sincerely hope that you will help me unveil freedom with the tarot. It is only your endeavours that will bear fruits for my sharing.

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