THE FOOL (Major Arcana 0)

“I exist to help you sample all aspects of life. I step out without fear to experience and investigate. This way, follow me. Take action. I say and urge you hesitate, perhaps from past disappointments.

“In fairy tales I am the young lover, often a prince in disguise who wins the hand of a lady through his pure-hearted act and bravery in a crisis or a contest against an older, manipulative suitor. In other stories I am the ‘dummling’ a worthless, unlucky, seemingly stupid character who turns out to be a hero or finds unexpected success.

I encourage you to take risks and to look at things in your own unique way. Nothing gained. I always say. Yes I could pay more attention to details and preparation but if I stopped to think out everything. I’d never get ahead.

Mine is the innocent wisdom of the impetuous. I am the impulse to leap the unknown and I’ll serve you again and again us you encounter challenges, conflicts and the joys especially the joys of the symbolic life. I forward in to represent your ability to be fully yourself and to your own nature. I hope that you never cast me aside, for I am a crucial part of your humanness.

A key phrase to remember me by is the limitless energy of spirit”.


I confidently take care of any situation that arises. And you can; too with the tools lying on my table; the wand the sword, the cup and the Pentacle. I bring higher wisdom down to a practical level and demonstrate the discipline you need to translate ideas into action. I am your focused inner guide. It is my energy that helps you establish priorities and act on them. “I can sort through the physical, mental and emotional elements of a relationship to determine which need attention, and then channel higher energy in that direction.

I want you to seek the higher purpose in all you do. Honoring the spirit within gives dignity and importance to your activities and relationships. I am both your potential and your experience. I remind you of your past accomplishments and give you the confidence to take the next steps for advancement.

A key phrase to remember me by is creative focused attention.”


“I am the eternal keeper of ancient wisdom. Mine is the quest for knowledge. I show the balance of dark and light in this world, as well as the harmony between the spiritual and mundane. I am not merely an observer; I radiate the energy of experience.

“As the ‘divine feminine’, I stir deeper feelings of personal and universal love than you have ever known. As a result, you are free to be receptive and active in your relationships.

My scroll contains the laws of the universe, the core truths that lie at the heart of all spiritual and moral teachings. If you lose contact with me, you also lose family and racial ties.

I am your memory, the storehouse of all your successes, failures, dreams and fantasies. I am your dream guide. I inspire through meditation. Use me to translate your experiences into personal wisdom.

My presence encourages you to become discriminating in your choices and to become conscious of the difference between the image you have of yourself and who you really are.

There’s more here than is obvious at first.”

My key phrase is ancient and unrevealed knowledge.”


I wait here to help you fulfill your heart’s desires. I spring from the soil of your imagination. Bring your seed of desire to my garden, plant them, water them with intelligent activity and will flourish. I am the mind’s power to make new connections. I supply in abundance to those who till my soil in love and who respect their own nature and the laws of Mother Nature as well.

I am the archetype of fertility, nurturance and renewal. I am the energy that works to produce the abundant life. Without me nothing comes to fruition. My movement is upward and outward. I am the doorway of life entering the physical, emotional and mental activities of earthly existence. I ground you in the pleasure of the senses.

In relationships, I provide passion and creative ways to bestow your feeling. In relationships, I provide passion and creative ways to bestow your feelings. In business and other projects, I guide you to seek creative possibilities.

My key phrase is creative abundance.”

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