What Is Tarot?

Welcome to the world of Tarot that is exotic, mysterious & colorful. It is only human nature to want to know what the future holds for us & it is this urge that drives thousands of people to fortune tellers. Tarot is one such method out of the infinite methods of divination used for fortune telling.

The tarot has several advantages over the other methods of divination one being that it can be used successfully by a relatively unskilled reader. Of course the accuracy improves with practice over the course of time & all you require is a pack of cards. It is with practice that one also develops intuition & clairvoyance.

The earliest surviving Tarot deck comes from fourteenth century Italy, where an Italian nobleman had a deck hand painted as a wedding gift for his daughter. From Italy they reached France. And since then we know these cards as Tarot, which is the French term for a deck of 78 cards employed in games & divination. We can also find numerous tarot decks designed by various artists from different cultures. The most famous one being the Raider Waite’s which were designed in 1910.

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