Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing in delhi Holistic healing is a very advance course. Here you learn how to scan heal chakras. How to find out what problem has a person through one breath .How to develop extra sensory powers, how to develop Intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy and much more.
HOLISTIC HEALING BASIC : (Course Duration- 10 days)

Holistic healing reveals the positive and negative concepts of healing as well as explains chakra meditation and alignment. You will also able to learn scanning (psychic healing), etc.


Dowser is also made of crystal. It can give answers to you on all issues related to your life and other’s life for example: you can ask it for your aim in life, exam result, future; you can also use it for detecting chakra imbalance and finally balancing them.

  • Healing concept (positive & negative)
  • Chakra explanation (detail, organ, color)
  • Chakra meditation & alignment.
  • Healing, scanning- psychic healing (without touching the person just by sensing)
  • Chakra thought form
  • Crystal healing- healing method through crystals
  • Dowsing
  • Color meditation, white light meditation
  • Childhood meditation
  • Higher self meditation- guidance, life purpose, aim
  • Soul meditation
HOLISTIC HEALING ADVANCE : (Course Duration- 3 months)

It includes all the concepts of healing in different methods, more advanced form of healing that is finding the root cause, thought form, problem with body, aura, diseases, organ and treating the full human accordingly so that he is healed fast. It includes all the material, concepts, understanding which a healer must learn to make his life as well as others life prosperous.

  • Scanning / Observation
  • Human Energy Field
  • Universal Energy Field
  • Extra Sensory Power
  • What is Spirituality
  • 7 steps spiritual law
  • Development of healer
  • Color therapy.
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