Reiki Finish

When the client has accepted all the Reiki needed at one session conclude his treatment with the Reiki finish. It’s like “icing on the cake”.

  • On completion of the treatment of the front of the body draw anti clockwise energy spirals with the index and middle fingers off the body of the patient- beginning at the shoulder down the arms to the finger tips, and from the shoulders down along the side of body to the tips of the toes.
  • After the treatment of the back of the body balance the energy in the spine, then sweep the energy quickly and forcefully down the spine (for diabetics sweep the energy up the spine, i.e. in the opposite direction.)

Wash your hands again, or press your finger tips together for 30 seconds to close down the energy glow.
The Reiki treatment is now complete.. yet the effect of the Reiki on the cells and energy flow of the body does not end with the treatment but continues to build and balance the cells and system.

How to Express Attitude of Gratitude
  • I thank myself (name………………) form being here.
  • I thank the cosmic that is Reiki for being here.
  • I thank my parents (name……………) for being in my life.
  • I thank my Guru (name………………) for being in my life.
  • I thank my god (name………………...) for always being my life.

In case treating others, thank her / him for accepting Reiki from you.
Then start Reiki work by saying “May Reiki flow for healing.”

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