Tarot Rituals

When you bring your tarot cards you can do some simple rituals to offer both psychic protection and energize them. The tarot is based on the four elements Earth, Air Water and Fire. These elements were regarded once as the composition of all life and are still symbols of the qualities of sensation, thought, invitation and feelings that together make up the integrated world view of Jungian psychology.

  • Place your tarot pack in a circle, either drawn clockwise on paper or created from a necklace. The circle contains and amplifies natural energies.
  • Pass over your cards first a dish of salt for the grounding power and protection of Earth. As you do so visualize magic standing stones and ancient circles, tall jagged rocks, mountains, vast sandy plains.
  • Move next above it a lightened incense stick of pine or rose many for energy and clarity of thought, or sandalwood for psychic power and healing powers. This will endow your cards with the keen perception and scorching insightsof Air.
  • For the inspiration and creativity of fire light a golden yellow or red candle and raise this above the cards.
  • Finally, pass a dish of water steeped with rose petals or lavender essential oils for harmony and sensitivity to the deeper emotions of those for whom you may read.

Then leave the Cards in a circle on a window sill for 24 hours then you can wrap them in a full cloth and keep them in a drawer or a box. The objective is to keep them in a sacred space.

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