Who Made The Tarot Cards?

To understand its nature, one must begin in the realm of the imagination. Imagination is the faculty that allows us to experience the immaterial. Ordinarily our perception operates through our senses, therefore restricting us to the material world, but imagination is not bound by rules of space & time which govern materiality. Through the mode of imagination, it is possible to travel instantaneously into the past or future, to other lands, beyond the earth, and even to realms that do not exist in the material dimension.

The imagination is so vast & powerful, it’s domain so different from the solid sensible world of the material, it is both very seductive & very frightening. So people look for ways to journey imaginatively with out getting to far from familiar landmarks. For example we would go for a horror movie but probably munch on our popcorns to comfort us, or if we go ahead and give the Ouija board a try, we would just move our hands when it is getting away from reality.

There are some who venture into the imaginative world but hold on too strong to their conscious mind, therefore they do not manage to go far from the material world, while there are also those who go but never come back to reality. An important way of keeping safe in imaginative after all is to civilize this wild place, and some brave souls must go first. These explorers-poets, shamans, mystics, artists, saints – venture into the imagination, make notes & sketches, put up signs, lay out paths, & create maps that will guide the rest of us safely on our journeys. Tarot is just such a map made by unknown explorers. Though it is very widely believed that Tooth (the Egyptian god of science) invented the first tarot leaves.

What are Tarot cards?

It is an oracle that can answer questions about the past, the present and of course the future. It is a tool for guidance and for self-discovery and to get in touch with one’s own intuition. Tarot cards are an intermediary between the conscious and the unconscious mind. One thing they are not is a tool for black magic.

Essentially, Tarot is simply a set of symbols printed on a pack of 78 cards. These cards are shuffled and dealt, just as ordinary playing cards. The Tarot has four suits with 10 numbered cards and four court cards in each suit, in most Tarot decks, there are aiso 22 numbered Major Arcana. While the Major Arcana are the more powerful, since they deal with major life changes and philosophies of life, the Minor Arcana are often more commonly used in readings because they refer to the mundane events most questioners ask about. They are divided into four suits.

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